About Us

The Harveys

Art Harvey

Founder – Art attended LSU for a BSEE in semiconductor physics, then SMU for a MBA. He spent 15 years at Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim Integrated doing engineering, marketing, and product management. In 2004, Art and his wife moved into Lakewood. In 2010, he moved into the music electronics industry as Director of Marketing & Sales for OnBoard Research/Intellitouch. In 2012, he began donating to Guitars In The Classroom (GITC). In 2013 he was asked to join the GITC board of directors. One year later, he became the Treasurer of GITC, and in 2015 he was elected President of GITC. This year, GITC will train more than 2300 teachers!

Outside of work, Art enjoys running, brewing, rock climbing, and chasing his two children, Maxwell and Mika.

Larry Picchiotti

Larry ‘LP’ Picchiotti

Founder/Brewmaster – LP received both an BS and MS in Chemistry from Northern Illinois University. After graduate school LP moved to Connecticut to work for Cytec Industries. While at Cytec he was responsible for R&D and Technical Service for urethane coatings. LP then moved back to Chicago to work for Morton International. While at Morton LP continued his work in urethane R&D as well as international Technical Service. After Morton LP moved into a purely Technical Service roll at Old World Industries for their antifreeze products. LP then decided on a career change and moved to Dallas, Texas where he became a Residential Mortgage Broker. LP worked for a number of different mortgage companies before co-founding TexasLending.com in 2002. LP opened his own mortgage company Lakewood Lending in 2005.

Outside of work, LP enjoys unicycling, brewing, rock climbing, martial arts and his two daughters, Audrey and Lily.

Bill Parker

William “Bill” Parker

Director of Operations
Bill Parker was born in Waco Texas into a very Southern Baptist family… i.e. No drinking alcohol. He now has finally broken out of this terrible rut by partnering in on an amazing brewery opportunity. Luckily this occurred after he graduated from Texas A&M and the University of Texas medical school in Houston.

He went on to Baylor University and became a professor of surgery in Trauma and now practices at Methodist medical center as an emergency surgeon. Bill is married to Mary Parker MD FACOG and has three children Will, Laura, and Emily – all beer drinkers at present. He has been married almost 30 years and now lives in Uptown Dallas.

Bill and his wife are active runners, cyclists, and swimmers.

What’s our beer like, you ask? The industry is rampant with one-upmanship and yeasty creations dripping in hop oils tailored for obscure niche markets. Are we going to get caught up with the fever and do some of that? You can bet your last sip of Dogfish 120 or All Orange Everything we are. BUT, the majority of our craft brews are refreshingly simple. We’re aiming to sit just left of your dinner plate, not on the podium of some beer award.

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2816 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas 75226

(877) 994-BEER