Westlake Brewing Company

Westlake Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas. There are many breweries in the DFW area, but our brewery was built for you. We make our fresh craft beer and giant soft pretzels daily for you to enjoy.

Beer is the ORIGINAL social media. Here is our new social media:


About Us

Art Harvey - Founder

Art has had a lifelong passion for great beer.  He spent 20+ years as a home brewer with dreams of someday creating his own space in which to make beer and bring people  together over fresh craft beer.

“Beer is the original social media.”  -Art

Art attended LSU for a BSEE in semiconductor physics, then SMU for his MBA. He spent many years doing engineering, marketing, and product management. Art lives in nearby Lakewood with his wife & two kids. Art’s involved with the California charity Guitars In The Classroom(GITC).  This year, GITC will train more than 2500 teachers!

Peter Hemmingsen

Peter Hemmingsen - Head Brewer

Peter Hemmingsen has been an active member of the north Texas brew scene since 2012. He started winning awards for his beer about a year after he started brewing – and I’m not talking small-town county fairs – he’s won awards at Deep Ellum’s Labor of Love, the Oregon Brew Classic, and gold at the National Homebrew Competition!

“Crafting a great beer is all about keeping everything in balance.”  -Peter

While winning awards for his homebrews, Peter was paying his dues as a volunteer for production breweries – Deep Ellum Brewing, Peticolas, and Twin Leaf. Cleaning kegs, painting walls, and giving tours. Peter eventually found a home as the assistant brewer for Bitter Sisters Brewery in Addison. From there, he went to Mountain Fork Brewery in Oklahoma and helped them move from startup mode into full production and distribution. He later returned to DFW and worked with Manhattan Project. We’re proud to have Peter leading the creation of our products. Peter has a keen attention to detail, solid mechanical skills, and a passion for the craft.

What’s our beer like, you ask? The industry is rampant with one-upmanship and yeasty creations dripping in hop oils tailored for obscure niche markets. Are we going to get caught up with the fever and do some of that? You can bet your last sip of Dogfish 120 or All Orange Everything we are. BUT, the majority of our craft brews are refreshingly simple. We’re aiming to sit just left of your dinner plate, not on the podium of some beer award.

Contact us


2816 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas 75226

(877) 994-BEER