Westlake Brewing Company

Westlake Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas. There are many breweries in the DFW area, but our brewery was built for you. We make our fresh craft beer and giant soft pretzels daily for you to enjoy.

Beer is the ORIGINAL social media. Here is our new social media:

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Camp Westlake is Westlake Brewing Company’s Membership Club

It’s as fun as those camps you went to as a kid, but now with beer! Is it a real “camp”? Not exactly! Is is a group of people doing what they love? Absolutely! Where’s Lake Wannachuganotha? We’re not sure yet, but come with us and find out!

There are THREE levels of “camper” to choose from: Day Camper, Glamper, or Backcountry Camper.

  • “Day Campers” get discounted drinks and access to the camp merch store.
  • “Glampers” get the “Day Camper” perks, free swag, and bigger discounts!
  • “Backcountry Campers” get all the perks of the other two, special beer releases, special parties, and more!

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