Westlake Brewing Company

Westlake Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas. There are many breweries in the DFW area, but our brewery was built for you. We make our fresh craft beer and giant soft pretzels daily for you to enjoy.

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Westlake Brewing Company

As we move into the next chapter of Westlake Brewing Company, we would like to recognize the folks who have helped to get us this far!

Our “Founder’s Club” Members:
Gloria Albanesi
Jeanne Blanton
George & Amelie Brewer
Charlotte Fitzsimons
Jeff Fulham
Diane Golden
Art & Laura Harvey
James & Katie Harvey
John Jacobson
Charlie & Ruth Lambeth
Toby & Theresa Linder
Craig & Kim McDonald
Mike & Kathy Murgas
Bill & Mary Parker
LP Picchiotti
Zac Renner
Kurt & Cynthia Rodegast
Holger & Amy Roehl
Mark & Zelda Saxton
Ben & Katie Sewell
Craig & Erin Storey
Peter & Kathy Stricker
Wayne & Frances Du Toit
Tom & Amy Turner
Robin Ziegler

Our “Supporter’s Club” Members:
David & Becky Angeles
Steven & Maria Bailey
Christell Baum
John & Alma Briggs
Pete & Susie Carton
Dmitry & Maite Chatskis
Rick Kelly
Joe & Diana Siddall
Tim Skeene
Joe & Tracy Venable
Eric Warheit
Jim Waskow

Our “First Pint” Members:
Rod Collins
Mike & Kathy Murgas
Tom Patterson
Peter & Kathy Stricker

And others who have supported us in numerous ways:
Michael Baird
Larry Blatt
Kris Chelette
Tom Erickson
Ben & Lauren Fine
Matthew Fisher
David Flores
Milissa Foshee
Charles & Julie Harvey
Bill Horton
Tee McCoy
Dave Pastre
Greg Pizzo
Dale Selby

There have also been dozens of volunteers who have hauled, sweated, poured, brewed, organized, or otherwise donated their services all in the name of Craft Beer – Thanks to all of you!